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Dosage for DMT drug

Inhalation (most common route of administration)

Light: 10 – 20 mg

Common: 20 – 40 mg

Strong: 40 – 60 mg

Oral DMT drug dosage

Common: 30 – 60 mg

DMT is typically inactive orally. This changes when it is combined with an MAOI. An example of this combination is ayahuasca, which contains Banisteriopsis caapi (MAOIs) and Psychotria Viridis (DMT). Buy n,n DMT crystal online.

An analysis of 16 ayahuasca preparations found the following concentrations per 100 mL:

  • Beta-carboline (MAOI) average: 158 mg
    • Range: 20 – 401 mg
  • DMT average: 29 mg
    • Range: 25 – 36 mg

Another analysis yielded a similar result, with a 100 mL dose providing an average of 24 mg of DMT.

The concentrations in ayahuasca can vary significantly.



Total: 10 – 15 minutes

Onset: Under 30 seconds

The effects can begin in as little as 15 seconds. Peak effects arrive between 1 and 2 minutes.


Total: 3 -4 hours

Onset: 00:30 – 00:45

What this video to know about DMT

Video on how to extract DMT


Step by step on how to produce n,n DMT at home

Below are some steps you can use to produce n,n DMT at home if you have the raw materials;

– Cook(not boil-NO bubbles) the Mimosa (not more than 100grs!) for 3 times with each 1-1,5L 5% vinegar/water till its kinda down to 3X 300ml. Will take a day to do, you’re in NO hurry, just take the time, the Ayahuasca brew is cooked even overnight. Cook the combined 900ml down or use it as is in a larger jar. I advise to cook it down to 500-600ml, that’s way enough liquid to handle! Just be sure to filter it (NO coffee filter, just a wire one, the tea strainer size/1-2mm holes) while it’s HOT and do NOT divide the residue on the ground of the pot when it’s cold- it’s potent. (and will be no problem in the next steps.)
– Cooldown before basifying!
– Basify with pure lye till its dark black. (around 75grs. per liter)
– COOL while stirring in the lye (slowly bit by bit)!
– Let sit for 2-3 hours, maybe shake once in a while. But be sure to shake before starting the pulling.
– Heat it to 20-25degr. celsius in hot water bath (30-35 degrees water) and heat the NAPHTHA, too. Use pure light naphtha. (the lighter the benzine, the fewer emulsions you have, f.e. washbenzine is too heavy)
– Use around 2-3cm above the liquid for your pulls. (Depends on the mass of liquid how much it is.)
– Do not shake but mix the naphtha over 5 mins around in the jar. (turning the jar upside down over and over again)
– Let sit for 5-10mins. It will have divided by then.
– Suck the naphtha out as far as you can with a 10-20ml syringe.
– Swap the naphtha from one little bowl to another if you sucked brown liquid with it to get rid of it.
– Wrap the final bowl and put in the freezer.
– Wait 3-4 hours till the naphtha is clear and slowly pour it out. Let the white fluffy crystals dry for a few hours.
– REPEAT the pulling for 3 times (total 4) and one other time after letting the liquid sit for another 24h. Then you have in my experience everything out of the bark.
– Scrape all crystals and put them together by their color. Pure white together and every other pulling which is yellow or even slightly yellow on a different pile.

– Pour 50ml-100ml naphtha into a bowl and heat it from below in a water bath. (around 30-35degr. celsius- NOT hotter)
– Pour in all yellow stuff/crystals you got out and mix it on and on while the naphtha slowly gets warm. (maybe use new warm water if it’s not enough) Or use little more naphtha if it seems to lack solvent for full saturation.
– There will be a yellow waxy/oily liquid divide from the naphta in a bubble on the ground. Just mix through that a few times to be sure to get the DMT out of it, but DON’T try to mix it in the naphta- this is the goo (wax, fat, DMToxide) you want to get rid of!
– Pour over in a different little bowl, carefully look if some of the goo is poured with it- try hard to avoid to pour it over. If there still is some, use another little bowl.
– Place again in the water bath to keep the naphta warm. Pour in the last, the white stuff you got out (1st and maybe 2nd pulling).
– If there will be (even with white DMT there might be) more goo at the ground, repeat the pouring overstep, until you have clear naphta.
– wrap it with clear foil (airtight, no holes) and let sit for 24-48hrs. There will be beautiful crystals forming after 8-10 hours while the Naphta slowly evaps through the foil pores.
– While the naphta evaps it gets more yellow, so the impurities (mostly Oxides and yellow tint) which are left in it will be concentrated.
– Swap over/Divide the naphta in a new bowl, wrap it and let that sit to finally evap all naphta after a few days. (this way the remaining slight yellow color will be evapped away from the initial 24-48hrs crystals and they are kept cleaner). Let the crystals dry a few hours before carefully (they break easily) scraping them.

More info:
– It’s best to cook the bark that long to get anything out of the bark.
– Keep the mixed basified liquid not too hot, too avoid pulling too much-unwanted stuff and to avoid the oxidation of the DMT.
Though according to others it’s safe to heat DMT up to 100degrees, I found that higher than 40 degrees celsius it begins to oxidate too much!
– There’s no need to let the naphta sit for hours after mixing, neither a need to shake it (this pulls too much remaining bark powder into it)
Thanks to Q21s ideas I found mixing it over 5mins and then doing 4 pullings in a row gets almost all of the DMT molecules out. They are floating freely around in the liquid 2-3hours after basification. The final 24hrs pull gets the very last (only very few) DMT out.
– Re-x is quite easy. Just stick to what I wrote. It’s best to use small glass bowls for that. (have around 3-4 of them) Heating too much isn’t good cause as stated above the DMT oxidizes easily.
– No need for ‘food safe’ extractions, there is no lye left in the final crystals PLUs they are more stable and therefore not easy oxidized if stored airtight in the freezer. So no need for salting either. It’s really an enlightening feeling to grow crystals, almost like a mushroom growing, but way faster.

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